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Welcome to Boardwalk Insurance Group


"Business insurance can be complicated but Boardwalk Insurance takes the time to explain the details of our policies. No surprises! As our wholesale business expands, Boardwalk Insurance is always there to make sure our insurance needs keep up with our growth. You get personalized customer service with Boardwalk Insurance."

Scott Baker - Carolina Sales, Monroe, LA

"It's refreshing to work with Boardwalk Insurance for our hotel insurance needs. As we strive for in our business, we trust Boardwalk to supply us with quality carriers, consistent professionalism and personalized service. We also love the guidance and honest opinions which allow for some savings as well as adequate coverages."

Thomas Webers - Holiday Inn, Atlanta, GA

"Boardwalk has been our agency of choice since it first started. We have watched them grow quickly, but responsibly, and forged a business relationship like no other. The one we rely on is Boardwalk Insurance. Their product line is plentiful, experience is solid and customer care is priority 1."

Barry Mano - Various Businesses, Houston, TX

"In today's competitive world, Boardwalk Insurance is the perfect blend of low cost and great service. Key to our success is being able to rely on companies like Boardwalk Insurance who can handle and help manage ALL our insurance needs."

Kevin Gottschlick - GEM Services, Ft. Worth, Texas