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Business / Commercial Liability Insurance

Lawyers can seem to find a way to sue for anything now, so it is important to have strong liability insurance to protect your business from financial liability when there is an injury on your property.

Commercial / Business liability insurance protects businesses from liabilities imposed by lawsuits or other claims. Business liability insurance is important, especially for small businesses because sometimes the cost of a claim could be enough to shut the business down. Business liability insurance combines public and product liability, including coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured, either directly or indirectly.

The four most common types of claims business will encounter are advertising injury, like libel and slander, bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. Business liability insurance protects the insured business from the costs related to defending the claims or settling them out of court. Business liability insurance protects against so-called nuisance claims filed by people seeking damages when none have occurred, a scenario that is more common than you might think. Business liability insurance covers claims from third parties, employees, and shareholders, ensuring the business is protected from claims from nearly any party.

Shopping for commercial / business liability insurance and finding the best policy for your business can take a lot of time and effort; however an independent insurance agency such as the Boardwalk Insurance Group can do much of the shopping for you. Fill out some simple forms and answer a few questions online about yourself and a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group will contact you quickly to help create the best commercial general liability insurance for you and your business. Boardwalk Insurance Group representatives have access to 23 different insurance providers and can take the time to understand your needs when creating the commercial general liability insurance that will best fit your business.

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