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Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Machinery associated with your business is most likely one of the most capital intensive pieces of property that the business uses outside the building itself. The boilers and machinery can be dangerous appliances too.

Boiler and machinery insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage to your boilers and machinery as well as damage caused by the malfunction of the equipment. The damages covered by boiler and machinery insurance can include business loss and property damage, as well as damages to neighboring properties. Types of machinery that can be covered by boiler and machinery insurance include boilers, compressors, air conditioners, and other vessels and equipment related to generating electrical power.

Boiler and machinery insurance is available to nearly any size business, not just large businesses because it covers machinery large and small. The biggest risk from machinery covered in boiler and machinery insurance is explosion or fire, and the policy generally covers damage to the equipment as well as your property and the adjacent property. Boiler and machinery insurance comes in several different types that have varying levels of coverage. Some boiler and machinery insurance is strictly for boilers, while other types cover electrical motors and other appliances. Boiler and machinery insurance can also be used to fill in gaps in existing insurance coverage.

Shopping for boiler and machinery insurance and finding the best policy for your business can take a lot of effort; however an independent insurance agency such as the Boardwalk Insurance Group can do much of the searching for you. Fill out some simple forms and answer a few questions online about yourself and a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group will contact you quickly to help create the best boiler and machinery insurance policy for your business. Boardwalk Insurance Group representatives have access to 23 different insurance providers and can take the time to understand your needs when creating the boiler and machinery insurance policy that will best fit the needs of you and your business.

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