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Marine Contractors Insurance

Marine contractors are the people who do much of the work crewing and working on ships. To protect their employees in one of the most dangerous industries, marine contractors insurance can be purchased to give the liability coverage needed.

In addition to their work on ships, marine contractors also perform many tasks in and around harbors and piers related to the maintenance and upkeep of the port. The jobs they do can be dangerous, so is important that their employers hold marine contractors insurance to protect the company from liabilities that can potentially push the company into bankruptcy. Marine contractors insurance offers broad liability coverage available at varying rates depending on the size of the marine contractor, ensuring there is a marine contractors insurance policy that will fit the size of your business.

Marine contractors insurance protects your marine contracting business by defending and paying on your behalf when the company is found liable for liability or property damage caused by the operation of your business. Since marine contractors insurance is so broad, there are some exclusions which can be covered by other specific insurance types. Marine contractors insurance may also be required to be hired as a contractor at certain facilities.

Shopping for marine contractors insurance and sorting through the different types of policies can take a lot of time and research; however an independent insurance agency such as the Boardwalk Insurance Group can do much of the shopping for you. Fill out some simple forms and answer a few questions online about your business and a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group will contact you quickly to help create the best marine contractors insurance policy for your marine contracting business. Boardwalk Insurance Group representatives have access to 23 different insurance providers and can take the time to understand your needs when creating the marine contractors insurance policy that will best fit the needs of your business.

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