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Flood Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies do not protect against the possibility of floods. Water damage can ruin property and lives along with it, so it is important to hold flood insurance, especially if your property is situated in a flood prone area.

While always a possibility, some properties are more susceptible to floods than others; however unlike most perils, floods can be very costly and more often affect a significant number of people, which is why flood insurance is offered as a separate policy. More than 80% of homes at risk for floods are not covered by a flood insurance policy.

Floods can come from a number of sources, including landslides, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, however insurance coverage from some perils, such as earthquakes, might not cover a flood associated with the earthquake. Flood insurance can be taken out in an community participating in the National Flood Insurance Program, and flood insurance might be required for some loans if the home is in a designated flood plain. Since most flood insurance policies do not take effect until 30 days after they are signed, it is important to make sure you have flood insurance to protect your property if disaster strikes.

If you think you live in a flood prone area and want to look into carrying a flood insurance policy,contact an independent insurance agency such as the Boardwalk Insurance Group. The independent insurance agents at Boardwalk Insurance Group have the resources to see if you qualify and the knowledge to help you find the best flood insurance policy. Fill out some simple forms and answer a few questions online about your property and a representative from Boardwalk Insurance Group will contact you quickly to help create the best flood insurance policy for your property. Boardwalk Insurance Group representatives have access to 23 different insurance providers and can take the time to understand your needs when creating the floodinsurance policy that will best suit your needs.

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